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A Georgia-based Provider of Mobile Ultrasound Imaging

Imaging On Site brings an impressive blend of state of the art equipment and compassionate, registered sonographers directly to your hospital, practice or clinic. Experience the ultimate in control over your patients' exams, imaging procedures, and radiology reports. Whether trying to avoid unnecessary referrals or simply looking to expand imaging services without the purchase of expensive ultrasound equipment, our ultrasound solution service allows for additional revenue streams and helps bring convenience and comfort to your patients.

Welcome to Imaging On Site
To allow total regulatory compliance with current Stark Law and Fraud and Abuse Laws, Imaging On Site, Inc. provides service contract agreements developed by highly experienced healthcare attorneys. This provides your facility or practice a cost-effective way to benefit financially from our services. Your facility will only be responsible for billing and scheduling. Everything else is taken care of by Imaging On Site, Inc.

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Mobile Imaging Solutions

  • Mobile Ultrasound System
  • Registered Sonographers
  • Certified Radiologists and Cardiologists

Exam Types: Echocardiography, Vascular, Thyroid, Testicle, Breast, Abdominal, Muscoskeletal, OB/GYN