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Press Release - November 7, 2011

Imaging On Site, Inc. Receives Accreditation by the ICAEL

Imaging On Site, Inc., located in Macon, GA, has been granted a three-year term of accreditation in the area of Adult Transthoracic by the Intersocietal Commission for the Accreditation of Echocardiography Laboratories(ICAEL).

Accreditation by the ICAEL means that Imaging On Site, Inc. has undergone a thorough review of its operational and technical components by a panel of experts. The ICAEL grants accreditation only to those facilities that are found to be providing quality patient care, in compliance with national standards through a comprehensive application process including detailed case study review.

ICAEL accreditation is a "seal of approval" that patients can rely on as an indication that the facility has been carefully critiqued on all aspects of its operations considered relevant by medical experts in the field of echocardiography. When scheduled for an echocardiography procedure, patients are encouraged to inquire as to the accreditation status of the facility where their examination will be performed and can learn more by visiting

ICAEL accreditation is widely respected within the medical community, as illustrated by the support of the national medical societies related to echocardiography medicine, which include physicians and sonographers. In addition, several insurance companies require their providers of echocardiography services to be accredited. However, patients should remain vigilant in making sure that their echocardiography procedures are performed within accredited laboratories, because for many facilities it remains a voluntary process.

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